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What happened to the 60% Icariin Capsules from M.D.A Supplements Co.Ltd?

M.D.A Supplements To World A.B.S

As many of you will remember for the past 5 years the Indonesian 60% icariin Horny Goat Weed extract we have been retailing was branded under the manufacturer name of M.D.A Supplements Co Ltd and was recognised for its silver pouch style packaging.

Well in 2011 M.D.A Supplements signed a contract with a Swiss supplement manufacturer called World A.B.S giving full branding and retail rights of their Indonesian 60% icariin extract to World A.B.S

Note: the manufacturing of the actual extract itself remains unchanged, being still extracted as previously in Indonesia by M.D.A Supplements Co Ltd.

So 'whats changed exactly?' you ask, well if you don't have previous knowledge of the health and fitness supplement market then you may not have heard the brand name World A.B.S until now, however if you are knowledgeable to the world of dietary supplements then you will definitely have either seen or heard the name World A.B.S at some stage along the way. Hailing from Switzerland World A.B.S is a brand which is very much renowned for presenting only the most powerful and effective supplements available with no expense spared, with their mission statement closely tied to the following ethos; 'if a reduction in cost equals a reduction in quality then everyone loses in the end'. They have built a huge following amongst those who demand the best rather than the cheapest within a health supplement.

M.D.A Supplements own branded 60% icariin product was of a very high standard of quality to begin with, hence we knew it would be very interesting to see just how exactly World A.B.S would be able to improve on an already ground breaking product, and they certainly didn't let us down when they dropped their new 60% icariin Horny Goat Weed for 2012

The product comes in World A.B.S's patented fast-dissolution vegetarian friendly capsules for improved absorption and beneficial effect during capsule digestion. The extract is now imported directly from Indonesia to the UK and then encapsulated and bottled under the highest European GMP standards of manufacturing, resulting in a 60% icariin product of quality standards higher than were ever thought achievable before, formally known as ICARIIN 60™

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