10 Year Anniversary & A New Look In 2019

Icariin Health Shop Celebrates 10th Year

When we originally opened for business back in 2009 we couldn't have possibly envisaged that one day we would be celebrating our 10th anniversary, nor could we of foreseen the degree of friendly and inspiring customers we would serve over this past decade.

With each passing year, we have made it our primary objective to make improvements to our store in terms of both the service and the product we offer.

To mark our 10th anniversary; later in 2019, we will be giving our store a full design and functionality refresh. Not only will this refresh provide an even greater shopping experience, but it will also bring with it a 'content refresh', providing even more factual and in-depth info about icariin extract.

We look forward to this 10-year celebratory store design refresh and are very confident that all of our customers/visitors will benefit from a vastly enhanced shopping and fact-finding experience.