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Icariin Health Testimonials & Reviews

60% Icariin Reviews

"I will be making recommendations for you!"


I bought the icariin 60 horny goat weed capsules for my time at the gym, which is around 4 days per week. Nitric Oxide boosters have always been a must within my supplement entourage. My muscle fatigue that I was suffering from between sets has vastly reduced after only 2 weeks of my cycle on this icariin 60, and also I have been recovering a lot better/quicker between each session at the gym, so I'm feeling really good and my muscles are looking consistently more pumped, as also noted by my workout buddies. I will be making recommendations for you!


"I could feel my sex drive increasing week on week"


Having tried a handful of Horny Goat Weed and Maca products up to getting this icariin 60 (each with varying results), I read around for reviews on the top Horny Goat Weed extracts, and icariin 60 seemed to get the most thumbs up so I bought myself 2 months worth.

Month 1 was great as I could feel my sex drive increasing week on week, then on my second month my sex drive kept increasing further and is now at a really good plateau whereby I'm now having great sex with my wife, around three times a week; which for me is a huge improvement compared to the once a month I had been putting out for the last couple of years. Now on month 3 of icariin 60, I'm pleased to say that I am maintaining these great results.


"the sexual benefits just keep building up"


Once this stuff had built up in my system I began to realize just how poor my sexual activity had become. My low libido was something that had crept up on me over a space of a couple of years slowly, until it got the point that it was affecting my relationship with my girlfriend, so I knew I had to take some sort of action but ideally I didn't want to be popping the blue pill every time I was going to have sex with her. So I hunted out a long-term remedy that would sort my problem. I've been taking icariin 60 horny goat weed for over 3 months now and the sexual benefits just keep building up month by month, I'm very a happy with it!


"I'm blown away by the benefits in this particular area"

Review From: GEORGE L • AUGUST 15th 2017 • YARMOUTH, CANADA

I feel better in most ways I was hoping to. Those being getting out of bed for work is far less of a task, my endurance whilst playing squash at the weekends has massively improved, and yes... last but not least; my duration and energy "in the sack" has come a long way, in fact I'm blown away by the benefits in this particular area. Looking forward to more of the same.


"the results are far beyond what I was ever hoping for"

Review From: F.HAUSNER • JULY 20th 2017 • BONN, GERMANY

I was looking for something which would help me with my training in martial arts. In particular for improved stamina, reaction time and focus. I gave the icariin 60% horny goat weed supplement a 4 month trial and the results are far beyond what I was ever hoping for. Within a short space of time I began to feel much sharper with my reaction speeds than I have for many years, and my endurance levels have seen an enormous upturn. I'm not the youngest in the dojo anymore, so to see these kinds of results has left me extremely impressed.


"I'm lasting a lot longer than before"


I suffer from low sex drive i.e. I can usually get an erection but can't keep it for the required duration. This icariin 60 has been an absolute star for me as due to this supp I'm lasting a lot longer than before and also I hadn't realized previously that my erections weren't as hard as they could have been, as now they are far stronger/solid than before. I look forward to continuing improvements. Big thanks, Bob


"Will fervently recommend to others"


I got my Horny Goat Weed a few weeks back and it is a far better quality than the others I've tried. Having taken other Horny Goat Weed extracts for 6 months previously, I have noticed just how much more effective this high strength 60% icariin Horny Goat Weed is. Will fervently recommend to others.


"I'm getting proper erections again"

Review From: MATT.R • APRIL 14th 2017 • KIDWELLY, UK

Have been taking icariin 60 for just over a week and I can feel massive improvements. I'm getting proper erections again and I just feel more energetic overall during intercourse. I expect that my free testosterone levels are rising up, to the point that I'm now tempted to sign up to the gym and see what benefits I can harness in the physical strength department. Cheers for this awesome supp.


"you're a beast once more"


I'm not the youngest of the bunch at age 50, so I admit that my sexual prowess has been somewhat questionable in recent years. I've tried a few things like maca, ginseng and some cheap horny goat weed capsules too. The cheap horny goat weed was the most effective of the three extracts so I went on the hunt for some decent quality horny goat weed and found the majority to be raving about this icariin 60 from World ABS.

I can now see what all the raving was about as I'm definitely the one wearing the trousers in the upstairs arena again, or as my wife put it the other day "you're a beast once more"... take that how you will! Greg


"improvement for my aches and pains"


Im probably a bit of an oddball as I didn't buy icariin 60 for its sexual and/or bodybuilding benefits, I got it to help me with my osteoporosis as I discovered that icariin helps keep bone tissue healthy, so thought I would give it a whirl. I've used it for 3 months duration thus far and it has definitely shown signs of improvement for my aches and pains. I'm super pleased about this, icariin 60% is a much welcomed discovery for myself.


"back on top form again"

Review From: ANONYMOUS • JANUARY 16th 2017 • HARROGATE, UK

I'm a 35 year old male who's had trouble getting an erection when sexually aroused. My GF has wanted me to look into help for a few months. Last week I started taking 60% icariin Horny Goat Weed. Within 3 days my flaccid penis was ready to come to full attention.

I've been able to keep erect for good amount of time and when it does go back to being flaccid it pops right back hard as ever soon as I’m re-aroused. Very effective herb and product, I’m an avid fan of Horny Goat Weed and the icariin within.


"I'm no longer a bag of nerves when the time for intimacy comes-a knocking"


I was using L-arginine for a few months before taking icariin 60% Horny Goat Weed, and the L-arginine worked well but after about 3 months the effects of that dwindled down and my sexual prowess was again at rock bottom.

So I went back to the drawing board and discovered that 60% icariin Horny Goat Weed extract is recognised as a more potent (natural) solution than L-arginine.

I'm aged 62 and I'm now into my second month of icariin60 - my progress? Fantastic so far, I've consistently gained back my sex drive week-by-week and I'm at a point where I would be perfectly happy if the effects were to plateau, although anything further is obviously very welcome too!

Erections wise; I'm able to last the full required duration now (Mrs Harris says thanks!!) which is a real confidence boost, as now I'm no longer a bag of nerves when the time for intimacy comes-a knocking :)


"I added icariin60 to the mix, a decision in which I am very pleased with"


I’ve spent the last couple of years bulking myself up in terms of muscles. In recent months however I found that I hit a bit of a wall in terms of visible progress, so wanted to try something effective for boosting up my levels of stamina, basically so I can push myself much harder on the weights.

I’ve always been partial to my protein shakes and they are great but they don’t actually increase my performance when on the job in the gym, so whilst continuing with my protein shakes I added icariin60 to the mix, a decision in which I am very pleased with.

Since been on icariin 60 horny goat weed for just short of 8 weeks; I’ve now surpassed the number of reps I had been doing and not only that but I’ve found that I have way less days where my muscles feel fatigued upon arrival at the gym, so the extra blood flow from the boosted nitric oxide must be speeding up their repair time.

Not sure if you allow photos on your reviews, but if you ever want some before and after pics of my gains then just ask as I’m more than happy to send some over.


"My wife can't believe the difference"


Hi I've been using icariin 60 now for 2 months and wow what a difference it has made. Like others I had tried other products with a little boost, but this icariin is the real deal. My wife can't believe the difference, she says I'm like an animal in bed and it feels great, also it gets stronger and works better over time.

When I take this supplement it gives me a tingly sensation in the private area for some reason, I can only put it down to something being switched on lol , but in all seriousness if you have libido or erection problems look no further, this stuff is pure and works, expensive yes, but you get what you pay for, as with anything. Many thanks Icariin Health for selling a real product.


"the potency of 60% icariin is astoundingly more effective"


Wonderful service!

I’m no “newbie” to icariin supplements. Being a long-term sufferer of erectile dysfunction, with the added bonus of getting adverse side effects from all the prescription ED medicines, it's no surprise that I’ve been testing a lot of things out!

At the icariinhealth store (throughout the past couple of months) I’ve spoken to various members of staff there, those include; John, Sophie and Katy. They have all been excellent at answering my queries, with Katy being notably outstanding. What she doesn't know about Horny Goat Weed and icariin, nobody knows...

Having trialed pretty much all the best icariin supplements on today's market, I can confirm what 'they' say is true... there definitely is a purity 'sweet-spot'.

I started out taking some 95% and 98% icariin powder supplements, thinking that they would be the most powerful source of icariin available, however whilst I did get some negligible benefit from them, I didn’t benefit any more so than say the 20% icariin Horny Goat Weed supplement I had previously purchased from my local GNC store, which confused me to some extent, actually to the point that I began to do some in-depth research in order to really understand this plant extract.

Upon doing so, I learned about 'over-extraction' which as far as I understand referee to the inadvertent loss of active elements of a plant extract, whilst undergoing the extraction process. It’s at this point that I picked up some icariin 60% Horny Goat Weed.

This was a good move, and I can concur that the 'standardized' potency of 60% icariin is astoundingly more effective in comparison to higher 'non-standardized' icariin percentages. I am now tackling my ED issues solely with this World ABS icariin60 supplement, and not experiencing any of the side effects in which I suffered when using the ED meds from my doc. In a nutshell, you pay for what you get and this particular product has reaffirmed that.

My ED issues are almost non-existent to me now, it's certainly not consuming my thoughts as it was doing previously. I wish I'd started taking this a while ago, but there you go, anyway 'better late than never' is what I say.

Special thanks to Katy, Chris and Sophie, you've all been a great help and speak soon!


"that boost in nitric oxide was just the ticket!"

Review From: ANNE BRYSON • AUGUST 13th 2016 • SCOTLAND, UK

I couldn’t find too many reviews for women so I thought best to leave you a quick one just now.

I’m age 42, female, and over the past 2 years my libido has very gradually escaped me. I basically lost interest in sex altogether as I wasn’t feeling the same levels of stimulation and orgasms, which was very annoying as my husband was beginning to suspect that I was having some sort of a ‘fling’!!!

I have now been on this icariin 60% therapy of yours for just over 2 months. To be honest I wasn’t expecting too much from icariin extract with me being female, but that boost in nitric oxide was just the ticket! I can now get fully stimulated again when having sex, which has given me back the great feeling climaxes I remember having when in my 20's.

Many women seem to blame the man for lack of stimulation, however it’s not always the case, just as men lose their sex drive and ability to gain an erection, us women also lose interest due to loss of sexual stimulation, so ladies: don’t be so quick to blame your fella!!


"has enabled me to benefit from big gains in terms of both muscle size and actual muscle definition"

Review From: MAKSIM HORANI • JULY 18th 2016 • DUBAI, UAE

I take icariin60 Horny Goat Weed on a daily basis as advised and it has proven to be highly effective for me. I’ve been taking icariin60 to assist me with my athletics and bodybuilding achievements.

It really helps me out with my stamina. It now takes a lot longer for me to feel ‘burnt out’ when I’m working out, I can keep on going for much longer and this has proven vital as being able to withstand more work without becoming fatigued has enabled me to benefit from big gains in terms of both muscle size and actual muscle definition.

I know a lot of men and women use icariin60 capsules for sexual reasons, but this is not the area in which I bought this supplement for. I’m sexually healthy, however I can say that despite being sexually healthy already, this supplement has definitely enhanced my sex life, and has replenished some sexual desire that I wasn’t aware that I had lost. It's a very welcomed bonus effect.

Anyway I’ve said my bit in this review and I thank you kindly for shipping to Dubai, it’s very much appreciated.


"An amazing difference, one that has me compelled to send you in a review"

Review From: JEFFREY • JUNE 21st 2016 • TRURO, UK

At the younger side of my 60’s I’m obviously not quite as energetic and virile as I used to be, but resorting to prescription medicines has never been my first choice but rather a final resort if I cannot overcome it by any other means.

I have tried a few different natural remedies to boost up my sex drive and I did find a few other ones that helped me out considerably, however it has to be said that this 60% icariin Horny goat weed supplement has in this particular of remedy, completely blown the other extracts out of the water!

I could feel it ‘going to work’ on me within the initial week, but now I’m 6 months in, and I sometimes think back to 6 months ago reflecting on just how degraded my libido had become. An amazing difference, one that has me compelled to send you in a review. Thnx Jeffrey


"I look forward to what it will be like in another 4 months of taking it!"

Review From: TONY K • MAY 16th 2016 • SEATTLE, USA

These guys are legendary! I had made a mistake within my delivery address, basically I’m a bit lax when it comes to entering my details and often blindly let autofill do the work for me without double checking. So it turned out that my house number given was of my previous address rather than my current address. Lo and behold I get an email shortly after placing my order telling me that my delivery address could not be verified by location and that there may possibly be some anomalies so can I confirm it. If they hadn’t of alerted me to this mistake then I would never of noticed, absolute legends. I’ve never experienced that level of customer service in my days of shopping online. Top marks.

I’ve been taking the icariin 60 capsules now for 4 weeks, my sex drive is far far better, I’m even starting to get my “morning wood” back, something that I had totally forgotten existed. I’m 48 now and in 4 weeks icariin 60 horny goat weed has managed to bring my sex drive back to what it was in my late 20’s, I look forward to what it will be like in another 4 months of taking it!

All the best Tony K.


"I didn't realise just how potent Horny Goat Weed extract could actually be"


After using some tribulus extract for some time to boost my testosterone levels, I began to notice that it wasn't quite cutting the mustard and wanted something with a bigger kick, at which point I then discovered icariin60.

I have now been taking icariin60 for just over 2 months and it's really sealed the deal. My free testosterone percentage is back to the the upper normal level as opposed to it being in the lower normal level as previously and going beyond the figures themselves; I literally feel great. My aching bones have improved and my sexual virility is leaps and bounds better than it was at Christmas just past. I didn't realise just how potent Horny Goat Weed extract could actually be.


"I’m really glad I made this choice"

Review From: YURI KOBI • MARCH 12th 2016 • TOKYO, JAPAN

I bought World A.B.S icariin60 extract for bodybuilding specifically, and I’m really glad I made this choice. I’ve tried an abundance of supplements over the past 15 years, but for me, nothing has matched this icariin.

I’m now a convert as regards 'pure-based' supplements. I used to always buy products with the most mind-boggling mix of ingredients and hope I was covering all bases, but then I realized that I was basically getting very small amounts of everything and not enough of anything. I’ve learned over the years that you must focus on what actually helps you and what you actually need, rather than shooting for blind luck.

In 6 months alone this supplement has taken me way beyond what I thought I could ever achieve in bodybuilding progress. My muscles can now take far more punishment and take way less time to repair, allowing me to get a lot more pump and build muscle faster. If you find that you are a bodybuilder that often has to postpone or skip workouts due to muscle fatigue, then I definitely recommend trying this Wold A.B.S Horny Goat Weed.


"After a couple of weeks taking icariin60 I really began to see what Horny Goat Weed is capable of"


I was already aware that Horny Goat Weed was fantastic for both men and women, and had read plenty about how good icariin60 Horny Goat Weed is for men’s health, but I hadn’t read too much about how well this 60 percent strength Horny Goat Weed would work for women.

I had been using some Horny Goat Weed capsules form my local health store but they were only 10% icariin in strength. They did work to a noticeable extent, so I thought why not try something with a lot more potency. Boy was I surprised with the difference!

After a couple of weeks taking icariin60 I really began to see what Horny Goat Weed is capable of. My libido levels and orgasms are now the same as they were when I was in my 20’s, and I’m now 48! My husband doesn’t even know what’s hit him :D, I’m definitely going to be introducing him to your icariin60 product… just so he can keep up with my sexual prowess...

Best wishes, Jackie xx


"Consistently solid erections and they actually last now"


I had been looking around for some 60% icariin Horny Goat Weed for a while as I had heard how good it was for libido and energy on a few different forums for men’s health.

I settled on this World A.B.S brand in the end as it seems to of been around the longest and the standard of the product seems to be very well established. My instincts served me well as this product has turned my sex life around within a month. Consistently solid erections and they actually last now, I used to be really scared of changing sexual positions in the past as even that few seconds would cost me my erection, not anymore, now she can go off and have a brew, come back and my donger is still rock solid. Good onya!


"I’ll just go with what works for me and this stuff certainly does"

Review From: MARCOS OUBIÑA • DECEMBER 15th 2015 • DELANO (CA), USA

Simple for me, I have no issues with libido, I’m as hungry for the ladies as I’ve always been, however since this summer just gone I’ve been struggling to keep my “wood” whilst in the middle of it all. As other guys below have said you soon change your outlook on things when you can no longer maintain a solid erection long enough to please.

I panicked and picked up a few bottles of various things from down my local vitamins store, namely; zinc, maca, multivitamin and l-arginine. However even with that combo I still couldn’t maintain like before. Anyway after about two weeks of obsessive researching around, I came across icariin 60 horny goat weed caps, it definitely sounded more potent than my aforementioned ‘wood-regaining regimen’ so I decided to give it a whirl.

After a month of daily intake I really started to see the light at the end of the tunnel, in other words I could fulfill my task in the sack. I’m continuing to take icariin60 now into the third month and I’m extremely pleased with the erection benefits, as they just keep on getting more and more powerful.

Once that I'd realized my aforementioned vitamin/supplement regimen I was using originally, wasn’t up to much, I dropped it 2 weeks into my first month of taking icariin 60 goat weed, I’ll just go with what works for me and this stuff certainly does. muchas gracias


"Clearly I’m very happy with what this icariin60 supplement has done for me"


This is a top supplement for sure… I’m 34 now and from age 31 to age 33 I suffered from low testosterone levels. It was really frustrating as I was severely lacking energy and mental focus, not only in terms of having sex but also with my career. These symptoms crept up on me slowly and it took a while for me to even question why I was feeling like that.

Basically my testosterone is in the normal range for my age but it’s at the very bottom of the normal range (i.e. ‘low normal’) hence the lack of ouster for life. I didn’t really want to start TRT unless my levels went well below the ‘low normal’ range and so I decided I should try something natural instead.

For the last 12 months I’ve been taking icariin 60% capsules on a daily basis when I wake up in the morning. This regime has paid off for me as fast-forward a year to today and I’m feeling miles better. I’m fully back into enjoying my life as a man again, feeling the lust to go out and chase the ladies and also have recently got back into competitive distance running again, which is something I had dropped a couple of years ago due to fatigue.

Clearly I’m very happy with what this icariin60 supplement has done for me (hence why I’m sending you guys my review). You’ll also be pleased to know that I have just placed quite a large order ~ so that I can also give some bottles of it to a couple of my pals at the running club to try (as an early Yuletide gift).

Have a great upcoming Thanksgiving! ~Ted


"my sex drive just keeps on increasing year after year"

Review From: NICLAS • OCTOBER 15th 2015 • VAASA, FINLAND

I have been buying these icariin capsules from you for some years now. I'm not sure if it's the product itself that's getting better each year in terms of quality, or it's the icariin working for me more and more each year, but my sex drive just keeps on increasing year after year, I soon imagine it will be the same as it was when I was 20 years old and I'm now aged 50. I'm going to be starting a cardio workout routine with a personal trainer soon, so I'm looking forward to using my boosted energy in this area as well.

I shall be stocking up with a large order again before this coming Christmas time. I hope you choose my review this month as I'm a longstanding customer of yours.

Thanks to you all. 


"This icariin60 supplement gives me the best of both worlds"


I read plenty of good reviews for icariin60 online and it also came highly recommended by my mate who also takes it for his dwindling sex drive.

I’m very pleased with my results after the first month as now I’m the one who pesters my girlfriend for sex instead of it always being the other way around.

It’s given my a strong boost in confidence which has extended to areas outside of the bedroom too, basically I feel like my old self again which is a great thing.

I’d recommend this to any man who is lacking interest with sex. I’ve tried viagra and whilst I had a good erection with that, it really had zero effect on my actual interest and desire to have sex frequently. This icariin60 supplement gives me the best of both worlds, as now I have good erections but also the desire to do something with them! Spot on, cheers Karl


"I'm a changed man thanks to 4 things; willpower, exercise, diet and icariin 60 extract"

Review From: JAKE • AUGUST 14th 2015 • NEW YORK, USA

When 2015 came I decided it was time for me to start being a healthier human being, the last decade of partying and eating all I want when I want finally caught up with me and at my annual health check I was clocked as being well overweight for my age (40) and height (6 foot). This unhealthy living had caused me to feel lazy and unmotivated and this lack of motivation had spread to my sex life too. Not good. So 2015 came around and I made my new years resolution with the intention of keeping it.

It's now August and the last 8 months I'm a changed man thanks to 4 things; willpower, exercise, diet and icariin 60 extract. I've lost almost 34 lbs in the last 7 months, my libido is back on fire and I'm enjoying life more than I can ever really remember, even with less of the bachelor party life haha

I'm now a bit of a health addict and so I have been recommending your product to my family and friends, I feel its the least I can plus give you this positive review too. All the best, J.M.


"Happy to give you a good review for this icariin supplement"

Review From: ANONYMOUS • JULY 18th 2015 • NEW ZEALAND

Very effective natural supplement, excellent standalone libido booster, just really good for my sex life. I've tried many viagra alternatives but finally settled on this one as it is a pure herbal extract that works as opposed to some of the dubious concoctions I had tried.

Happy to give you a good review for this icariin supplement and I'll also will happily recommend it to any of my friends who have the same sexual issues, not they would ever admit that to me anyway but if they do then you've definitely got my vote.


"not had to worry about my bedroom activities at all since been on icariin60"


Going to keep my review of icariin60 short and sweet. I'm a good-looking young man i.e. in my late 20's and erectile dysfunction hit my like a freight train one year ago. I get my fair share of women and this problem for me was massively embarrassing and quite worrying considering my age.

I tried the blue pill and it gave me a decent erection but it was not a good solution as like I said I'm in my late 20's and I really didn't want to be popping a V-pill every time I need an erection for the rest of my life, that's just wasn't going to cut it for me.

I'm used to researching on the internet and so it didn't take me long to discover 60% icariin Horny Goat Weed as the best natural alternative. So here I am, leaving you guys a "solid" review, courtesy of my amazing results for ED. I wake up in a morning take the 3 capsules and I'm as good as gold, not had to worry about my bedroom activities at all since been on icariin60.


"Horny Goat Weed extract is good for stress-reduction"

Review From: ANDREW MORRIS • MAY 16th 2015 • NEW YORK, USA

Unlike many others on here I bought icariin60 as my doctor recommended it for my high levels of stress. I didn't even realize that Horny Goat Weed extract is good for stress-reduction so there you go!

This review comes well into my trial with icariin, as I have now been using it for 6 months with some off-cycles in-between each month. I definitely have myself a good doctor as her recommendation for this supplement was a fantastic one. Not only am I feeling less stressed out from work but I'm finding it way easier to get up in a morning too.

My doc did mention that there could be some additional 'benefits' in terms of my sex drive when recommending I buy this supplement, and safe to say she was right! Whilst I had assumed I was on-top sexually, clearly I wasn't as my GF says that I'm way more of an animal now than I was before :)


"I went straight for gold and got some of this 60% icariin Horny Goat Weed"

Review From: ANONYMOUS • APRIL 20th 2015 • REGINA, CANADA

At age 52 it’s by no means a rarity to suffer from dreaded low sex drive, and with it for me came the inability to get an erection to the hardness that I used to know and love.

Like any sensible man I decided to change my lifestyle a bit, eating much healthier (less fried foods), doing a bit more exercise (going for decent length walks at the weekends) and restricting my alcohol intake to Friday’s and Saturday’s only. This alone helped me out quite a bit in terms of my health; feeling a bit more motivated and active sexually, and heck my skin felt 10 years younger haha.

A year past, and while my erections were not getting any worse, they were by no means great. So I decided to move the 'natural healing’ path up a notch, which is when I learned about the existence of Horny Goat Weed extract.

Everyone that knows me, knows that I’m not one to do things by halves and so this December just past I went straight for gold and got some of this 60% icariin Horny Goat Weed. I’m very pleased I did so too because this year has so far been a good one sexually for myself. My head is fully back in the game again (i.e. I’m hungry for love once more) and the vessel is far sturdier than previously (I’m seeing some good solid erections again). Review finito!


"very contented customer"

Review From: JESS D • MARCH 17th 2015 • LEEDS, UK

From what I gather Horny Goat Weed extract is something that normally builds up gradually in terms of effectiveness becoming more and more effective day by day. However I must be hypersensitive to icariin because after the second day of taking icariin 60 I was noticing major sex life benefits a big way!

To rewind a little bit, I was suffering from a 2 year long slump in my sex life. At only 30 years of age I surprisingly didn't have too much interest in having sex with my girlfriend, who is by all rights an absolute stunner. I would actually try and avoid having sex with her by suggesting we watch a film or anything to make her feel too tired to consider having sex with me. I feel like a fool just typing this but that’s the way it happened.

Anyway, whilst 'watching' the films I was continuously on my iPhone looking at remedies for this sex drive issue. I had tried Viagra but that didn’t work for me because I was lacking in actual sex drive, so I would take some Viagra and it wouldn’t make much difference as I would be able to gain an erection for about a minute and then it was gone a minute later. Granted it was a solid erection, but unfortunately short lived.

The good news: I’ve been on this Horny Goat Weed 60% icariin for all of 4 days now and I have been able to gain frequent erections and also make those elections last for the required duration. Now I've gained a ton of confidence back and as a result I’m back to craving sex again instead of thinking of ways to avoid it. I know this is a bit of a lengthy waffle of a review but it is one from a very contented customer.


"pretty much blown away by how much my stamina in the boxing ring has improved"

Review From: TERRY • FEBRUARY 18th 2015 • NYC, USA

My lady got me a few bottles of icariin 60 horny goat weed for this Christmas just gone, she bought it for my boxing training as... let's just say the young guns at my club were starting to get the better of me haha. I needed something to give me that extra mile in the last leg of a round. I read the reviews for the athletic benefits of this supplement and so it went straight on Santa's wish list!

I started taking it in the new year, as that's basically when I returned to my boxing training, I'm now one month into using it and I'm pretty much blown away by how much my stamina in the boxing ring has built up over the course of this month, I've even had the pleasure of using the phrase 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' with a few of my contenders haha


"Icariin 60 extract has helped my low sex drive issue leaps and bounds"

Review From: JONATHAN • JANUARY 24th 2015 • PORTLAND, USA

This is good stuff, I'm 40 and have been taking 2 in the morning and 1 at night every day for about 6 months (with some breaks in there too). It makes me feel like I'm 18.

I forgot to mention why I use this icariin extract in the first place, basically I was suffering from intolerably low amounts of sex drive to the point I was very much embarrassed in front of my partner and believe me that kind of embarrassment soon motivates a man to find something to help them. Icariin 60 extract has helped my low sex drive issue leaps and bounds and is still continuing to improve things for me day by day.


"a staple supplement for my performance boosting requirements"

Review From: KARL • DECEMBR 15th 2014 • LONDON, UK

I'm big into Mixed Martial Arts and so I'm always trying out natural ways to give me that extra run of stamina, tried many to date and will no doubt try many more. Picked up some of this icariin 60 percent HGW to see what I could gain from it and so far, so good. I tend to take a full 3 capsules an hour before a fight as I find that works for getting me fired up and full of energy.

One thing to mention though is that my girlfriend says I've been slightly short-tempered lately, having said that though I did quit smoking (only a light smoker) a couple of weeks ago so I would imagine that to be the cause of my recent tetchy temperament rather than the goat weed. So yeah, good results from this, it will be a staple supplement for my performance boosting requirements, in fact maybe you could sponsor me ;)


"Cheers from Australia!"


Brilliant Horny Goat Weed extract. Purchased as a remedy for my declining sexual health and sexual hunger and it has addressed both these issues tremendously. On a side note it's worth mentioning that I had bought some other 60% icariin Horny Goat Weed capsules prior to buying this icariin60 product and those other capsules did not work half as well as this icariin60 does, so I've learnt that quality is a key factor, one of which you guys have nailed perfectly. Cheers from Australia!


"it's left me very much astounded"

Review From: MR WEBBER • OCTOBER 18th 2014 • NEW YORK, USA

Can I firstly say thanks to Wendy from your customer service team, she's an extremely helpful lady, she advised me on various queries and was spot-on with all the info she provided to me.

In terms of the product review, I'm very glad I opted for this particular percentage of icariin, it's left me very much astounded at just how powerful of a remedy Horny Goat Weed can be!


"This product has turned things around for me in a big way"


I've been taking icariin 60 for a year or so now therefore I figured that I owe you guys a review.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I have been a victim of erectile dysfunction for most of my early 40's, it's one of those 'I thought it would never happen to me' type of scenarios, but when it happens there's no easy way to ignore it. I tried everything from changing my diet, exercising more, reducing stress; basically I tried it all which of course includes taking viagra and cialis too. Yes the viagra and cialis worked, but the side effects of those were just too extreme that I began to dread having to take it in the end.

OK so that's the sob story out of the way, now onto the reason why I'm taking time out to write this review for icariin 60. This product has turned things around for me in a big way, after the first month I was feeling the benefits greatly and so was very happy, now after a year of taking icariin 60 I'm pleased to say that I have beaten my ED problem at last! I now cycle icariin 60 i.e. I take it for 1 month then have 2 weeks off from it, repeating that cycle. Even in the 2 week periods when I'm not taking any at all, I can still fully maintain a strong erection.

I think it's clear from this review that I'm an avid fan and so I hope you publish this review on your website too. Thank you kindly from one very happy Australian.


"I'm noticing significant improvements in my sexual health"

Review From: ROSS • AUGUST 18th 2014 • QUEBEC, CANADA

My order was shipped from their UK warehouse and then Canada Post picked it up and delivered it to my door here in Quebec. Shipping was quite rapid and reasonably priced too considering it was coming from the UK, so very pleased about the shipping side of things.

In terms of the icariin product itself and the effectiveness thereof, my results are based on taking the supplement for just 2 weeks and I've read that many people receive even greater benefits the longer they take it, however at this current stage I'm noticing significant improvements in my sexual health. In my case I basically just lost interest in sex altogether for quite a while and being only 30 years young, it seemed a bit strange to me... lets put it this way, it wasn't something I was just going to sweep under the carpet.

Well anyway, I'm feeling very good things from this icariin product so far and my long-term aim is to take it for a while and cycle it so I can build back my sex drive back up for the foreseeable. Regards, Ross


"icariin60 has shown me that you can always perform better than you previously thought"

Review From: JORDON ELLIOTT • JULY 16th 2014 • BC, CANADA

I've been using icariin60 for a while now and so thought it was high time I gave it a good ol' review!

The main reason I take this dietary supplement is for the boost in nitric oxide. I'm a full-time hockey coach and so I require the boost in energy and performance on a daily basis. I'm a very fit guy to begin with however this icariin60 has shown me that you can always perform better than you previously thought, amazing results. Two bonuses for me which I wasn't expecting are 1) It has vastly reduced my morning fatigue which is much welcomed bonus & 2) I've noticed a massive improvement in my sex drive which again is a much welcomed bonus for me as I didn't at all realize that my sex drive had actually diminished over the years.


"I can see why icariin 60 gets reviewed highly in the world of Horny Goat Weed"

Review From: MIKE LOFTUS • JUNE 21st 2014 • PORTSMOUTH, UK

I'm willing to try anything to prolong a healthy sex life and so after researching Horny Goat Weed for a while I soon found myself here; with this icariin product getting the best reviews for us men who suffer from ED/low libido.

My delivery turned up quickly and was well packaged. The packaging was also nice and discreet too which is always a huge bonus when buying products such as this. In terms of the product and it's effectiveness, I can see why icariin 60 gets reviewed highly in the world of Horny Goat Weed and I will happily add to that.

I don't think I really need to go into the finer details regarding my sexual performance other than mentioning that the wife is once again fully aware when I'm 'happy to see her'... thank you very much!


"1 month into my course of icariin60 and I'm very impressed with it"

Review From: STEVE DUNKLE • MAY 17th 2014 • COLORADO, USA

This review is from my 1 month using this product so far, I ordered 4 months worth, so I will leave another review on month 4 of my course.

I've been taking icariin60 for purposes of gaining a stronger erection i.e. sometimes I can't get hard at all and other times I can get hard but I can't always keep it hard especially if there's some stopping and starting during intercourse, I basically lose my wood! Note: I don't have an issue when it comes to sex drive, that's always been completely fine.

1 month into my course of icariin60 and I'm very impressed with it as I very rarely lose my erection now and this loss of wood is becoming more of a rarity the longer I take the icariin. Honestly I never thought something that's natural and herbal could do this for me but then I realized just how naive that type of thinking was, I mean it's like saying 'I never thought sugar could actually give you energy because it's natural' haha well anyway I hope you publish my review and as I said I will come back on month 4 and give you another one!! Best...Steve


"I feel that I can perform for my woman again and in all honesty, you simply can't put a price tag on that"


Coming from a long background of organic agriculture I (for the most part) subscribe to the notion that the less modified something is then the more effective and nutritious it is for the human body. So when I read about Horny Goat Weed and its use as a male sexual health booster, naturally I was inspired. Once I had learnt about the strength of Horny Goat Weed extract and therefore icariin content I then found this icariin 60 natural herb supplement.

Using icariin 60 for the past 4 months has brought me great happiness back to my sex life, I feel that I can perform for my woman again and in all honesty, you simply can't put a price tag on that. Being in my middle 40's there's simply no way I'm willing to let my sex life diminish. This is a fantastic health supplement and one of the best natural products I've seen come out of Europe in recent years.


"I am more like the person I was 5 years ago"


Although this 60% icariin extract is first and foremost recognized for its benefits for sexual health, this is not how I discovered it and not why I bought it. In my case I was suffering from long-term fatigue and mild depression, basically feeling demotivated and lifeless, on the odd occasion I would be able to snap out of it but very rarely indeed.

After many visits to my doctor and various different treatments, he stumbled upon icariin from Horny Goat Weed and suggested that I give it a try, pointing me towards one with a good amount of icariin content. That's how I ended up here and taking icariin 60 capsules. After 12 months of taking this supplement (with some cycle off periods in-between) I'm a very different person to what I was 12 months ago, in fact I am more like the person I was 5 years ago, much more energetic and positive, my work life has prospered greatly due to this boost in mental and physical zest and as a result I have been recommending this product to many of my close friends. I never really realized the power of natural supplements until I took this one, thus it is safe to say that my mind has officially been opened :)


"I hope this review expresses my sincere gratitude"

Review From: B GODWIN • FEBRUARY 17th 2014 • SOUTH DAKOTA, USA

I'm in my early 40's and suffer from ED. The problem for me is that taking viagra is simply not feasible. I say this because it's almost impossible for me to hide the fact that I'm on viagra, meaning that I get insane facial flushes from taking it, flushes that are beyond noticeable to my partner!

Luckily though, I have now been able to stop taking viagra since been on this icariin60 for the last month and a half. With it thankfully not being like viagra, you instead take this iariin60 daily and let it build up and do its thing. It's good that I no longer have to to worry about trying to cover up the facial flushes from viagra, and so now, my sex life feels like it's back on the straight and narrow again. I hope this review expresses my sincere gratitude.


"I was hoping it would be worth the extra effort and I'm happy to tell you that it was"

Review From: JAKOB • JANUARY 20th 2014 • ELVERUM, NORGE (NORWAY)

Despite not being able to have my order shipped directly to my house, with you not offering shipping to Norway, I am lucky with my town being close by to Sweden so I was able to have my order shipped to a town in Sweden then pick it up from there at the weekend. I was hoping it would be worth the extra effort and I'm happy to tell you that it was. Next time I will make a very large order from this store so that I can do the collection just once a year. Thank you for your quick email response, helping me have access to this impressive health supplement.


"thank you for pushing a top-class service on to your customers"

Review From: MR WEBSDALE • DECEMBER 17th 2013 • LINCOLN, UK

It's always a good thing to discover a top-notch online store like this one. When I first went to the checkout with my 4 bottles of icariin in cart, I was slightly confused as to why I could only choose 'Royal Mail Special Delivery' for my shipping option, however in hindsight I'm actually very pleased that this premium next-day delivery service was pushed on to me as my parcel came literally the next day! Yet I've ordered Christmas gifts from other online stores (prior to my order for your icariin capsules) and they still haven't arrived, so thank you for pushing a top-class service on to your customers (UK ones at least), I will be ordering again in the new year, Merry Xmas & a happy New Year!


"it's worked wonders for me"


I don't want to waffle on and on so I will keep my review short and sweet. It's worked wonders for me and as a result has contributed greatly to improving my home life (i.e. the sexual relationship between me and my partner), and that is something which always deserves a big round of thanks.


"I don't mind giving credit where credit is due and you guys deserve it"

Review From: LATIMER • OCTOBER 22nd 2013 • ARIZONA, USA

I don't mind giving credit where credit is due and you guys deserve it. Firstly I'd like to say that it's nice to buy something from a company that does what it says it will do; my order was sent from your warehouse in Pennsylvania as said and it arrived very quickly with USPS, makes a nice change from the majority of retailers that have all there products sent from China and try to hide that fact, so for my customer service review I'm giving you top marks! Right so now it is product review time, I'm just starting week 5 of my dosage and as far as my sex life goes the things I've noticed very obviously from taking icariin 60 is that my desire to make love is not only much higher but also far more frequent and consistent, no more bipolar sex drive :) As for erections I don't have too many issues in that area but even still as with the sex drive I'm noticing more frequency with them and also far stronger erections compared to before I started with this supplement, which leaves me to conclude with yet another set of top marks. Oh almost forgot to mention, I'm 41 years of age!


"I am unspeakably grateful for this icariin extract"


Suffering from long-term ED I've always been willing to try anything and so that's exactly what I've spent the last 3 years doing, many supplements have worked and worked good but none of them stood the test of time and so I would find that the initial positive results would tend to taper off after a few weeks and eventually become rather redundant. I bought my first bulk batch of icariin 60 at the end of 2012 and have been taking it based on the cycle details given in your FAQ's section, I finished my last sixth month this July and for the last 2 months I have had no real ED issues I can think of, hence I am unspeakably grateful for this icariin extract. I shall be buying another bulk batch today as I'm going to periodically dose icariin 60 in order to further strengthen these amazing long-term positive results I'm gaining. Thank you from an extremely grateful Aussie.


"the increase in stamina and endurance is remarkable"

Review From: THOMAS NYREN • AUGUST 21st 2013 • SWEDEN

Spectacular supplement, both myself and the team have adopted ICARIIN 60 into our supplement plan as a permanent member, the increase in stamina and endurance is remarkable, please let me know if you take on any other supplements in the future as the icariin has given me a lot of faith in your store. Tack!


"the sexual benefits of this one were massively more noticeable"

Review From: TIMOTHY GILLAN • JULY 17th 2013 • USA

I had been through a fair few different Horny Goat Weed supplements before trying this 60% icariin version, all were effective for me but the sexual benefits of this one were massively more noticeable than those previous and so I'm more than happy to make the effort and write a positive review for you :)


"so far this has been outstanding for me"

Review From: ANDRE • JUNE 22nd 2013 • VIERZON, FRANCE

I'm a road cyclist on a competitive level and I was looking for a powerful natural nitric oxide booster in order to build up my stamina whilst in my bike races, so far this has been outstanding for me, I'm halfway through a 4 month cycle of this icariin and my stamina is improving week by week.


"Thank you so much for making it available"

Review From: MELVIN • MAY 15th 2013 • SUFFOLK, UK

I'm now in my second month of taking Icariin 60 which I'm taking for low sex drive rather than ED as such. It's certainly working and my sex drive is now a lot higher than it was and I get really firm erections. It seems to have a cumulative effect and my sex drive is still increasing! Another bonus is that it's also helping with fatigue which I also used to get a lot of it. Icariin 60 is a brilliant product to help with male sex drive and erection problems and I strongly recommend it. Thank you so much for making it available.


"icariin 60 has opened my eyes a lot"

Review From: COREY MAXWELL • APRIL 18th 2013 • ILLINOIS, USA

I bought your icariin 60 supplement for both of its capabilities as I participate in various different sports and it's always good to have an extra boost sexually. I hadn't realized just how much my NO levels and/or T-levels had subsided in my early 30's, you don't really notice as it must just subside real slowly. Safe to say that your icariin 60 has opened my eyes a lot, as the boost in both its areas have been very well received, totally pleased with it!


"2013 has been a very happy year for me"


Hello Icariin Health, I want to tell you all a thank you for helping me with sexually related issues I was suffering from. Year 2013 has been a very happy year for me compared to past year due to this icariin capsules you sent me. I want to apologise my English too as I'm still learning.


"on a whole other level compared to the low percentage icariin products"


I had been using the 10% and 20% icariin Horny Goat Weed products for going on a year and enjoyed the boost (in sexual terms) that I had gained from that, however my ED was at a level that required something with a bit more punch and I'm pleased I did as 60% icariin strength Horny goat Weed is on a whole other level compared to the low percentage icariin products out there, it's been staggeringly effective for me, my wife wants to try it but I've told her as per you guys that this is for men only so she can keep her hands off!


"it only took 2 days to get here"

Review From: BRYAN .T • JANUARY 15th 2013 • ODESSA, USA

First of all let me say thanks for having domestic shipping for us Americans, it only took 2 days to get here after I ordered, just in time for my vacation :) I suffer from low levels of Nitric Oxide leading to me having erectile dysfunction, I have been on the Icariin 60 for 2 weeks now and I'm feeling a lot of improvement, as long as you continue with the domestic USA shipping you can put me down for another order real soon!


"a very big thanks from the both of us"

Review From: OLIVER • DECEMBER 18th 2012 • MANCHESTER, UK

I must admit I'm not normally one for writing reviews on things I buy but with this icariin 60 I thought I should make the effort! I know from reading around that Horny Goat Weed with most people normally takes a week or two to start to build up in their system however I got mine on Friday morning just passed and started taking it straight away, come Sunday night I was very much feeling the benefits and so was my dear wife for that matter, a very big thanks from the both of us.


"very impressed by this icariin 60 product"

Review From: R. WORLEY • NOVEMBER 16th 2012 • KENT, UK

Hello Chaps & Chapesses, Im writing to say that Im very impressed by this icariin 60 product, I've suffered with erectile issues for many years now and tried more products than you can shake a stick at! To date this icariin 60 is the only thing that I have 'promptly' noticed compelling beneficial results with, I've been taking it for just one month to date and my erectile issues are 50% less severe than previously which has pleased me no end. Hope you print the review.



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