Brand New Look For Our 10th Birthday

Icariin Store Refresh

It was April 2012 when we launched our previous store design. A design of which many of you have come to know very well over the past 7 years.

That store design was actually the 2nd edition of Icariin Health, with the 1st edition dating right back to the birth of the Icariin Health store in the summer of 2009.

Fast forward to today May 15, 2019 >> it's our 10th anniversary and marks a very exciting day as we unveil the 3rd edition of the Icariin Health store to you all.

Our store developers have been working non-stop in the background on this new look and feel, and boy have they outdone themselves...

It is with enormous pleasure that we dedicate this 'news post' to this team of very talented individuals, as a little extra token of appreciation to express our sincere gratitude for all their hard work. Thank you.

Welcome to our '10th Anniversary'. Welcome to your new Icariin Health!