Coronavirus Cannot Beat Us!

Publication Date: August 05, 2020

Coronavirus — Normality In Shipping, Resumes

To say that things have changed over the past 4 months would be putting it very lightly, indeed.

At the beginning of April 2020 we formulated a brand new team within our arsenal, a team focused solely on coordinating and adjusting to the inevitable shipping changes that would potentially occur across the 100+ countries in which deliver to, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This meant monitoring the pandemic in each country individually and alerting customers accordingly regarding the temporary changes in shipping and delivery that did and/or may occur, as a result.

The daily monitoring of case statistics, domestic postal transit rule changes, and international postal transit rule changes became a full-time position for numerous members of our amazing team here.

This turn of events has showcased to us just how adaptable we have become at Icariin Health. Being able to shift priorities from one day to the next, has never been more valuable and has further bolstered both our team ethos and our logistical skillset.

Of course, we cannot forget that we are merely only the first tier of the shipping and delivery process. The immense adaptability exhibited by all of the postal systems and delivery personnel around the globe has astounded us beyond anything we could have envisioned.

Due to the hard work of every single member within the global postal network, we have the privilege today of being able to say that we are shipping and delivering at full reach in terms of our portfolio of countries.

Naturally, some destinations are seeing extended delivery times both domestically and internationally. Postal organisations must continue to exercise caution with their valuable team members. People like to call it the "new normal", but we prefer to call it the "temporary normal" as our close monitoring of these aspects is showing that we as a human community are gradually bringing things back to how they were, little by little.

We would, therefore, like to thank all of our customers who have been and continue to be nothing short fantastic to deal with. Equally an enormous thank you is required for every man and woman around the world working to transit and deliver our orders each day!