IcariinHealth.co.uk = GB £ IcariinHealth.com = US $

Icariin Health USD & GBP Shops

You may have noticed that the URL in your web browser is showing you www.icariinhealth.co.uk and not icariinhealth.comThis is because over the last couple of days we have been very busy opening this .co.uk store as our second store.

We at Icariin Health™ live by the objective of always being proactive with both our store and our products, trying to make your shopping experience with us as effortless and pleasing as possible. One aspect of this objective has always been to broaden our currency base and allow people from different countries to pay in their domestic currency, therefore it is with great satisfaction that we announce our second store!

As you will notice when you view the product page of this new .co.uk store, all the prices are in the currency of Great British Pounds Sterling (£).

The currency in which we now cater for at www.icariinhealth.com is US Dollars ($) which is great news for our American customers who prefer to pay in US Dollars.

The icing on the cake is that both our .com and .co.uk stores ship orders to all the same countries across the globe, meaning that you can place your order from either store, it's entirely up to you depending on whether you prefer to pay in $ or £.

Many thanks from the team at Icariin Health